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house of fairy tales . odense

house of fairy tales

The fundamental strand of this proposal for a new exhibition concept and architectural concept is a reformulation of way in which visitors will experience the subject matter. From the current linear progression through thematized areas where visitors learn about the author through a series of lenses; The age, the man, the art, the work, the life and finally a visit to the birthplace of HC Andersen, our objective is to elevate the fairytales themselves into the thematic framework around the experience. Bringing the narrative of the fairytales to the fore.

The fairytales will be the gateway to learning about the author’s life and the historic context that the fairytales were written in. In terms of communication the overarching agenda is to stimulate each visitor – regardless of age, nationality, or level of knowledge about the subject – through emotional and intellectual inputs.
The experience is organized as a journey through a series of ‘Worlds’ each representing a fairytale, and through the fairytale unfolding the surrounding aspects. Within this format the experience is designed along two axises; one reaching from information light to information dense and another reaching from virtual to tactile.The concept relies on projection technology and use of audio guides to support the experience of each individual visitor. This will allow for a high degree of individualization of the experience, where for example different age groups will watch and touch the same objects but as part of different narrative strands. Our proposal for an architectural response to the program is a sequence of spaces arranged in accordance with the experience concept of the axises. The overall scheme sections the House of Fairytale into three distinct areas situated in the landscape of Lotze’s garden. This fairytale garden stages the architecture and the buildings compliment the garden like carefully positioned sculptures. Architecture and landscape will melt together to form a ubiquitous and magical world.

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