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Residence . Dutchess County

allied works architecture . Photos: Jeremy Bittermann © Allied Works Architecture

Allied Works was commissioned to design a residence, guesthouse and private gallery on 400 acres in Dutchess County, New York. Located on the eastern slopes of the Hudson River Valley, the site consists of rolling hills, open meadow and dense hardwood forest. Each of the three buildings responds to a particular landscape. Collectively, the estate and its three primary structures create a range of sensory experiences and sites for artistic interpretation.

The main house lies at the head of a large meadow, providing sweeping views of the valley and mountains beyond. The residence takes the form of an orthogonal helix sited at the intersection of three landscaped courts. These are bounded by a series of stone walls that extend into the landscape. Above, the helix is enclosed by a skin of glass panels - transparent, translucent and opaque - that mediates light and views. The surface of the helix becomes the canvass for a site specific video installation by Doug Aitken. Entitled "Light House", the 360º projection creates stunning contrasts with its surroundings, or alternately allows the house to merge back into the pastoral landscape.

Project Team
Brad Cloepfil, Kyle Lommen, John Clappi, Dori Raskin, Aron Himmelfarb, Lara Shihab-Eldin, Mark Watanabe, Meredith Kole
Project Collaborators
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Doug Aitken Workshop
Video Credits
Jason Schmidt

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