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KCH . Tokyo

Kochi Architect’s Studio . photos: © Kazuyasu Kochi . + archdaily

This is a renovation project in Tokyo. 30 years old small wooden house which has two story was change to Office and residence. The translucent screen covered old house, and contain outside stairs and third floor. The screen is taking in sunlight and controlling privacy.

The ordinary japanese wooden house has a similar scale, for example width of room or ceiling hight. So I want to change the ordinary scale, and want to make various scale of space in the house. I take out partition wall and make wide space, and dig the soil under the japanese room at 1st floor to make 2.4m ceiling to 4m. The new outside stair’s room covered by screen has 8m ceiling hight. The bedroom on 3rd floor has 1.9m ceiling hight by architectural regulation.
I put the double tempered glass on the hole of floor which is made by taking out inside stairs. The floor window connect 1st floor’s office and 2nd floor’s house. And the outside stair’s room connect entrance hole and rooftop terrace. Hight and low space, upper and downer space, inside and semi-inside space. I want to make the various of space connecting each other as the three dimensional loop.

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