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Terrazario is the outdoor extension for Mercado de San Anton, a recently renewed market in Madrid City Center. The project is based on the combination of three concepts of what public spaces are in our cities: the square, the market, the terrace and their hybridation with a standard scaffolding system.

Terrazario is based on the premise that this outdoor extension should be able to produce a common good, not only economical or commercial gains, but also environmental, urban, civic and public added values.
These added values would show up on the market closest áreas but they should also extend their influence to a larger urban environment so as to contribute to the system of public spaces and the activities developed in Chueca and Malasaña neighbourhoods.
A mix of uses through the introduction of three types of urban public spaces and an increase in density through their overlapping are the main strategies used to free up the space at street level and to promote a higher interaction and intensity of uses.
The actual configuration of the street includes 110m2 of pedestrian areas on the sidewalks, 60m2 of parking areas and 60m2 of roadway. Terrazario introduces a change that increases to 230m2 the walkable areas thanks to the overlapping of light platforms offered by the use of standard scaffolding systems. These walkable areas are hybrid spaces that combine small commercial uses (the market), public facilities (the square) and rest and Green areas (the terrace).

February 2013
Mercado de San Antón, Madrid
Client Mercado de San Antón, Madrid
Area: 300m2

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