PKMN architectures . Zuloark


PKMN architectures . Zuloark

“Searching for Villena Monubench” is a collective workshop which proposes to detect and analyze heritage resources in Villena (monumental, archaeological and linguistic) with potential to be formalized and constructed as transformer-objects for public use, mixing concepts as icon, facility and commons with added value through a complete process from ideas to real scale production.

We develop DIWO construction tactics for the design of transformer urban furniture for public space based on clone, fake, re-scaled and customized citizen identities and heritage.
The key issues and objectives of the workshop are:
.Development of non conventional or formal urban analysis capabilities.
.Research on translation, replica, decontextualizing-contextualizing, scaling and reprogramming techniques.
.Testing of participatory urban methodologies-protocols based on identity and action.
.Development of co-design processes.
.Resource management: low cost processes, recycling, DIY (do it yourself) and DIWO (do it with others).
.Exploration of new public programs (creation, adaptation, empowerment, hybridization, etc).
.Full development of micro-projects: conceptualization, design, production design and prototyping.
.Real scale construction.
“Searching for Villena Monubench” is part of El Casc Project, a long term urban project which takes place every summer since 2013 in the Mediterranean town of Villena, with the aim of empowering local and foreign intelligences in order to improve physical and emotional conditions in the public space of the historic quartier of the town. El Casc project is managed by local authorities and El Fabricante de Espheras.

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