Inês Lobo Arquitectos

Row-Houses in Bom Sucesso . Óbidos

Inês Lobo Arquitectos . photos: © Leonardo Finotti . + archdaily

This project involves the building of a block of 18 premises for habitation purposes next to the Óbidos Lake in the future site of the Golf and Country Club – Quinta do Bom Sucesso.

These will be located in one of the far sides of the Quinta with a valley to the east, one of the access roads to the west, a thicket to the south and a group of dwellings to the north. Our proposal is to build on this site, the central theme being that each premise should have an interactive relationship with the surrounding area, under the following conditions:
1. A privileged view of the valley, with the premises overlooking the valley, yet imposing within the landscape.
2. Take into account the position of the premises in relation to the access road so as to guarantee privacy and give them a measure of “invisibility”.
3. Set the northern and southern boundaries of the block in such a way that its location in relation to the access road on the south and the dwellings to the north is borne in mind.
4. Design the interior of the premises in such a way that it allows outside extensions.
5. Outer walls to be built to ensure there is both an intimate relationship with the surrounding area and a high degree of privacy.

Design Team: Inês Lobo, João Rosário, Rita Zina, Pedro Oliveira, Pedro Carta, Julia Varela, Emanuel Romão, João Vaz, Sérgio Pereira

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