Resco . Quintana

house of fairy tales . odense

Lara Resco . Beatriz Quintana . Diego Acón . Gilberto Ruíz Lopes

Water, air, light...And suddenly we find ourselves being transported into a world of fantasy as we walk along Thomas B. Thriges Gd. We don't resist; we know that the power of fantasy will take us to the very heart of Hans Christian Andersen, to blind faith in the triumph of truth over evil, in the purity of inocence: The Brave Tin Soldier, The Princess and the Pea, Little Ida's Flowers, The Little Mermaid, The Emperor's New Suit, The Ugly Duckling... each invites us back to the toy room, to the puppet theatre we built in our bedroom, to that too often forgotten paradise where our dreams began.

We are closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.
Our project marks the path of a journey back to childhood; it will offer the visitor a glimpse of the world through the eyes of a child, an invitation for adults and children alike to create, in ways both simple and profound, a universe of dreams. To realize this vision, we will reconstruct the intimate world of the incomparable writer and the variable geometry of his cartography, creating multiple atmospheres through the modulation of temperature, humidity and light. This approach will bring coherence to a project that constructs playful variations in the intensity of stimuli and perceptions.
With a vision inspired by Odin's eye, which suggests to us a bid for levity, a search for dematerialization, refracted images (spaces of clouds, gardens of fire, habitable bubbles...), we propose a bespoked suit of clothes for the man who guided us with a steady hand along invisible paths. His stories, filled with absurdist humor and sublime feelings, genius and irony, gentle poetry, peace and the inherent goodness of children, are here transformed into light, fog, vapor-producing mechanics, the transparency of color and the weight of music.... We believe that the elegance and quality of the unity constituted by architecture and garden are found in the erasing of boundaries, in poetry or in the distillation of silence, in the domination of space that compensates for the impossibility of dominating time.
Pushing our search for the immaterial to its ultimate logical consequence -while simultaneously evoking the mini-garden cultivated by Andersen's mother on the roof of their house- the suit of clothes we propose features a double skin, a veil that, in winter and summer alike, invites the visitor to walk amid the stimulating flower garden with temperature, light and humidity carefully controlled for each season. We choose to dress Andersen with the sky composed on top by PMMA, polyester resin, fiberglass and photo luminescent pigment, and, on the lower part by a mirror surface to make the House of Fairytales an inextinguishable and eternal light in a magic garden.

design team: Lara Resco . Beatriz Quintana . Diego Acón . Gilberto Ruíz Lopes (model maker)

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