Cultural Center . Zhanjiang


The Zhanjiang Cultural Center is envisioned as a series of separate buildings, each with a distinct design consistent with its function and providing its own identity, connected by a unifying element, a lattice. In this way, the design provides benefits of both separateness and consolidation.

As the most ambitious urban gesture in the proposal, the lattice serves a shading function, providing what is possibly the largest shaded outdoor space in all of Zhanjiang, aiming to transform what could typically be an impractical and exposed condition into one that provides a comfortable outdoor microclimate throughout the day.
With characteristic buildings and a unifying lattice, our design delivers on a commitment to bring programs together, bring people together and provide a solution that is representative of the changes Zhanjiang is undergoing, while at the same time introducing generous amounts of natural landscape, a microclimate and usable public spaces.

Partner in charge: David Gianotten
Team Leader: Roberto Requejo
Team: Dan Hui, Erick Kristanto, Patrizia Zobernig, Thorben Bazlen, Juan Minguez, Jay Zhao, Celine Zhou, Gao Yuan, Anthony Lam, Mafalda Brandao with Thomas Brown, Taylor Cornelson, Slobodan Radoman
Local Architect: CADI (Liu Chen, Gao An Ting)
Acoustic: Marshall Day (Thomas Scelo)
Landscape: SLA (Rasmus Astrup, Manon Otto)
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership (YK Chan)
Structure, MEP, Sustainability: OMA (Daniel Hui)
Façade Consultant: Inhabit (Hugh Brennand)
Traffic: Mobility in Chain (Karim Aboujaoude, Federico Marcantognini
Animation: Silkroad

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