Cronotopia . EUROPAN 12 . Kuopio

Special Mention . NEOSTUDIO . HC2M

Trying to answer to the living issues of the contemporary cities, where adaptability seems to be one of the strongest reactions to the phenomena of scattered cities and outskirts uncontrolled urbanisation, Cronotopia claims to be a profound reflection on the relationship between the traces of the urban forms and the need of an architectural programme able to be adapted to various urban scenarios.

Working as a reaction of 3 keywords (urban grid, connectivity and greenbelt), our proposal fills the urban gap between the centre and the suburbs through the combination of three distinct but complementary elements: "hardware", "software" and "devices": a superimposed living infrastructure capable of solving the urban hiatus and answering the program needs as well; 7 sculptural devices able to bring human densification and to spread urban rhythms; a crono-spatial program based on an abacus of temporary precast elements ready to answer the urban changes of the future. The dialectic between the rigidity of the urban scale and the temporality of the software shows how Cronotopia, in its particular declination of adaptability, is able to re-establish the urban hierarchies of the New Kuopio.

Team: Gloria Castellini, Guya Di Bella, Boris Hamzeian, Olmo Martellacci, Nicola Masotti, Cristina Parodi, Enrico Salvo, Fabio Stranieri, Silvia Torterolo, NEOSTUDIO (Eleonora Burlando + Riccardo Miselli)
Result: EUROPAN 12_ FINLAND - Special Mention
Date: July 2013

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