refectory karl wolf school . Merano


Analyzing the project area appear dominant two axes parallel connection that pass through the area from north to south and, thanks to two important sets of stairs, they connect with the level of Karl Wolf, a true lower limit of the site.

This configuration offers the possibility to complete, with the addition of the new canteen, the area extending longitudinally interposed between the school complex and the fabric of the city. The idea is to work on this important limitation filleting and completing existing paths, the project proposes that the design of a new avenue equipped, punctuated by long stone benches, bands alternate with plant essences in surfaces, gravel, located right on the edge of the area.
A unit of matter characterized by the alternation of elements sensitive to mediate between the parties, paved areas in wood offer rest areas and link up the transverse axes leading students and staff to the new canteen positioned as a terminal to the completion of the new route. The new refectory and promenade are a joint project designed in strong continuity, connecting elements with the large scale of the school complex, it is an idea strongly urban, considering how dominant the overall structure compared to individual instances. The linear element allows you to build a crawl space emphasized by a succession of views, leading to the lookout in front of the canteen, designed as a terminal of the whole area.
The architecture of the refecotry is designed starting from a volume essential, in line with the rigor and the pitch of the buildings of the school complex, it is a body with a rectangular plan carefully proportioned in relation to the size of the surrounding bodies. Structure and architecture come together in the design of the front made of vertical stripes, which rationally modulates the structural step in tune with them pillars of the covered parking below, developing the theme of the elements of alliteration in order to enhance the pace of existing facades putting in the resonance project with the context.
Great attention has been paid to the work of matter, the physical and visual perception of the surfaces of the project: the blades in smooth concrete enhance the value of the tectonic composition, based on the clarity of the relationship between the elements, riattualizzando the theme of the peristyle as space transition, as a meeting place, a symbolic guardian of classical culture. The rigor and continuity of the facade paint a face ambivalent extremely transparent and filter from the front, but with firmness in the view angle, thus producing a visual vibration in relation to the position of the observer, introducing variations in the points of connection, linking work and specific context, such as the interruption of the rhythm of the façade, which emphasizes and identifies the entrance portal.

Two-stage Competition: second phase
Results: finalist
Project team: demogo, Stefano D’Elia
Model: Nicola Tosello
Digital images: Vanni Sacconi
Location: Merano, Italy
Client: Autonomous Province of Bolzano
Building area: 3800 m
Budget: € 1.634.000

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