KDR House . Tokyo

I.R.A. photos: © Nobuaki Nakagawa . + archdaily

A site is a quiet residential street of Tokyo.
A kitchen, a toilet, and a stair are summarized to a center core, and the free plan with excursion nature is developed.
A basic concrete floor, the wall of plywood for structure with oil paint, stairs, etc. are taking out a feeling of a material. Sharp and beautiful space is made from processing the corner of a tree component specially or eliminating various “noises”.
Furthermore, open space is produced by allotting a slight well effectively between the volumes of the second floor occupied in the room.

Architects: International Royal Architecture
Design Team: Akinori Kasegai, Daisuke Tsunakawa, Seo Jung Hwan
Collaborators: Hideyuki Hagiuda

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