Paul Graham

Lilly's Gold Exchange, Brownsville, New York . 2013

+ Pace Gallery

For over three decades, Graham has been one of the foremost photographers working at the heart of photographic practice—engaging with the observable world.
His most recent series pushes deeper into an ongoing exploration of the ephemeral and quotidian in the fabric of our lives, combining images of rainbows from Western Ireland, a young woman (the artist’s partner) asleep in different rooms on the far side of the world, and the facades of down-at-heel New York City gold shops, to collectively consider the fleeting things we seek and value in life: love, wealth, happiness, beauty—the metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Pace Gallery

Senami, Shambhala, New Zealand . 2011

Double Rainbow, Donegal, Ireland . 2013

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