Ressò UPC

Ressò house . Rubí

Ressò UPC . photos: © Andrés Flajszer

The urban proposal consists in a implementation of a network of five Ressò houses distribut­ed over the neighbourhood, increasing the radious of inclu­ence to cover the needs of all the neighbours.

A detached Ressò house is built in a public plot. It is use as a co­llective house open to all kind of needs and people, a place where activities, resources and services are shared by the neighbours.
The families they can meet together at the building, celebrate parties, do workshops... and also, some of them will use the house to do domestic activities in ther­mal comfort, as cooking, having meals, watching TV...
The collectivization helps to modify people’s behaviour and pro­vides the awareness about the importance of energetic resources and about the need of energetic rehabilitation.
The Ressò house optimizes the energetic resources because of the comunity ideal, and also it allows to generate energetic and eco­nomic savings. Using this community space will bring consumption savings thath could help to invest in an energetic improvement of their homes when the rehabilitation market makes it possible.
The spread of the other four Ressò houses in other strategic points in Sant Muç, will encompass all the urbanization and revitalize the urban fabric. Then, Sant Muç, will have more energetically efficient homes and a place where socialise.

Architecture and Innovation awards at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition.

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