Visitor center for the Garden Expo . Wuhan

OMA . VS-A Façade Engineering . + archello

Creative life center for the China International Garden Expo in Wuhan, China. The building complex is composed of Garden Hall, Expo Visitor Centre, Conference Centre, Multi-function Hall and Performance Hall.

Wuhan has high humidity throughout the year. Condensation which is climatic character of Wuhan is used as a factor to generate various facade effects with patterns or opacities for the main garden hall of double skin glass facade. The four other buildings of different façade materials are floating on the garden hall. 1st prize project.

Program : Visitor center for the Garden Expo
Mission: Competition
Expertise: Glass specifications | Vitrage + Thermal simulations
Service: System & Architectural optimisation | Interface technique & architecture
Architect: OMA
Client: China International Garden Expo
Location: Wuhan, China
Wuhan (OMA)

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