The Leaf . Europan 12 . ASKER


Asker’s environment is made of four different ecologies that coexists in a surface of 101 square kilometers: the forest, the clearing, the water and the cultivated land.
Dikemark, is one of the four main centres of the city and has the great value in containing all these ambients.

The Leaf’s overall plan answers to the requested development achieving a sustainable capacity that could be stood by this natural ambient. This is exhistimated in about tripling the actual quantity of inhabitants, with quite 2400 new dwellings. In total 200.000 square meters, considering a 35% of renovation of existing buildings and 15% of mixed use building in the central area.
Four typologies. Defining for each ecologies an housing typos in order to have mixed communities made of different kind of people. The tree houses spread into the forest, the floating water houses connecting with some piers to the coast, the clearing houses that could be considered as row houses that defined a quiet common courtyard reproducing the nature of the clearing itself, and the farm houses that is a self-sustained settlements that will use the cultivated land of the sorrounding.
The Leaf defines a new strategic site in the central area.
The concept for the strategic site works with two elements: the leaf itself, a surface that deals with the different ecologies interconnecting them and the nucleus, a single building that deals.

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