Parc des Expositions (PEX) . Toulouse

OMA . + Toulouse Métropole

The new Parc des Expositions (PEX), in the innovation zone of Toulouse, southern France, is a project that is not only about architecture, but infrastructure. PEX is designed to be a condenser for diversity, a machine that can produce an infinite amount of possibilities. The project is a compact mini-city - an antidote to the sprawl of a standard exposition park, and a means to preserve and guide the surrounding French countryside.

earlier scheme:

PEX consists of three parallel bands: the multi-function Event Hall, with a massive doorway allowing performances to spread outdoors; a 45,000 m2 column-free Exhibition Hall; and, in the middle band, a parking silo for 3,000 cars.
Instead of banishing parking underground or pushing it to the periphery of the site, parking are in the center and cover a spine where amenities and access to the hall are developed.
PEX, both monumental in its horizontal scale and subtle in its overall impact, will be the new gateway to Toulouse….

Partners in charge: Rem Koolhaas, Ellen Van Loon and Chris van Duijn
Project leader: Gilles Guyot
Team: Mario Rodriguez, Chris Hayman, Jorge Campos, Jan de Ruyver, Jerome Picard, Solène de Bouteiller, Juhwa Baek, Henri Kapynen, Denis Bondar, Matiss Groskaufmanis, Victor Pricop, Pawel Panfiluk, Nicolas Lee, Lourdes Carretero, Lawrence Mahadoo, Helen Sicsic, Claudio Saccucci, Stavros Gargaretas, Elida Mosquera, Agnieszka Kwiecien, Anton Anikeev
Local Architects: PPA and TAA
Engineering: INGÉROP
Landscape: Batlle i Roig Arquitectes
Economy: DAL
Façade: Arcora
Scenography: dUCKS scéno
Lighting: 8'18"
Acoustic: DHV
Ergonomic: ABILIS
Signage: Base design

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