Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Threefold house . Oita

Takao Shiotsuka Atelier . photos: © Toshiyuki YANO

The site exists in the high density residential section where many thin passages cross. The house can receive comfortable sunlight only from few southeast-ward spaces. The six persons family reside in such an environment. We planned the building which can gain each abundance of theirs.

As form the optimal condition, in order that a plant may breathe by obtaining sunshine at the place, we tried to make the condition of the suitable building at this place. In order to take in as many sunlight as possible, the plane size of the building was made small. The floor of three layers was accumulated as if it was extended in the direction of empty. A southeast-ward outer wall retreats as it becomes the upper floor, so that each story can receive the sunlight from southeast as much as possible.

The window is arranged with the rule of repeating the opening of 1650 width so that it can be set as a suitable position in each part store. The position of the wall of a lower story is making the wall which divides the room of an up-and-down story in between intersect, although it has shifted, and the outer wall which retreats transmits power and is maintaining the balance as if it accumulated cards.

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