BOMBELEK . Europan 12 . Kalmar

runner-up . BOMP. Europan

The main idea is an adaptation in its spatial and social aspects, including the existing natural conditions and probable scenarios adjustment. Each topic is specified at regional or local level. Voronoi diagram is a method of spatial subdivision.

The regional level layout is based upon nature: native terrain preservation and emphasis, changing landscape adaptation, rural nature maintenance. Simultaneously it is supported with some built environment principles: zone planning proposals, water transportation spots, waterfront-parallel land transportation system, business areas, agricultural hubs, existing housing expansion, regional service network. The social aspect of the proposal brings: age-based housing profile with 1500 dwellings and pro-community nest type habitation. Analogical spatial setup at the local level once again is inspired by nature. It is reflected in self-adaptation to the water level rise scenario, waterfront public use and archipelago structure preservation. The layout concept is as important as some built environment proposals: clear zoning, native terrain based housing, maximum 200 inhabitant urban cells, topography-based urban interior, densification of the transportation network, pedestrian and automotive routes integration and finally common space as a public square and a water harbor. At this level the social aspect is emphasized by not only 380 dwellings and natural new communities, but also by large scale open fields.

BOMP.EU / Konrad Basan, Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga, Jakub Pudo.

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