Private house . Tomigusuku

RYUICHI ASHIZAWA ARCHITECTS & associates . photos: © Kaori Ichikawa

Okinawa is a beautiful Japanese southern island where it’s possible to appreciate many beautiful natural scenes. The strong solar radiation and typhoons are the only phenomena that makes it unpleasant. Through the ages, people have found ways of living together with nature and generate environments which makes their life richer.

This project is a house for a young couple and a little girl in Shuri Nahacity, Okinawa. We proposed a better dwelling using natural energy without mechanical equipment. The large eaves makes deep shadows that protect life against excessive insolation in Okinawa. The green screen which is covered with plants is set on the ground from the roof. In summer, this green screen will create shade and protection from the sun light. In winter, sunlight enters inside the room through the leaves. And this green screen guards the privacy of the inhabitants. The first floor is raised about 3 feet from the ground for natural ventilation. A natural wind passes through the space beneath the floor between the first and the ground level. Wind comes through and inside the room by vent which are set on first and second floor slab. A hot wind in summer is chilled by the heat of evaporation on the pond, this pond is located under first floor.
In the past in Okinawa, an aqueduct and is water was used frequently by the people in their daily life. This house large roof works as the same mechanism gathering rain water that is lead to the pond or basin on the second floor. Catchment of water is used effectively for plants.
With this project, we proposed a better dwelling and environment that adjusts to the unique and severe climate of Okinawa.

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