Andy Coolquitt

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+ Lisa Cooley

As a self–proclaimed “artist of exhibitions,” Coolquitt typically works to manipulate the physical and psychological dynamics of his environments (what he often refers to as the “density” or “openness” of the space) by altering the relationships that his objects have with each other, with the viewer, and with the surrounding architecture...In somebody place, Coolquitt has altered this method again, this time by pre-arranging the dynamics of the exhibition in the studio, living with the objects and arranging them unconsciously as one would treat functional objects in their home. By questioning whether a “sense of place” can ever be established within the framework of a temporary exhibition, somebody place serves as an examination of what artist Daniel Buren has referred to as “the unspeakable compromise of the portable work of art,” that which is lost in the transition from studio to gallery, forfeited in the passage between the private and public sphere.
Lisa Cooley

tricky/sweat/3way/thing/dropping/hair/biting/fling . 2014

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hand/rail/frame/work/pre/screw/slip/poo . 2012

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