Paulo Nazareth

for BLACK . 2014

+ Mendes Wood DM .

Contrary to what the observer who is unsuspecting, naïve and hungry for exoticism may think, the work of Paulo Nazareth is heavily political. Free of random and gratuitous elements, the work dismantles our references and questions, without offering definitive solutions concerning the fixed position of certain stereotypes in the contemporary world: what is being black, African or indigenous? What is the political and economic position that these individuals occupy within the structures of power? Who defines these positions? Their migrations, both literal and implied, review the historical processes, pointing to their development. Above all, they bring to light the faces, gestures and ways of being, living and operating of these other subjects, revealing their role, complexity and richness.
Mendes Wood DM

jesus christi jump . 2013-2014

03 Paulo Nazareth . Soberano Concórdia . 2014

04 Paulo Nazareth . CAPAMGA . 2013

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