Federico Soriano

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Federico Soriano . + Malcolm Reading

It is a building in motion. The wooden structures fold and couple among them modifying its whole size. It is capable of adapting to different inside necessities and outside conditions. A wooden museum integrated in the surrounding park. The arboreal shapes of its flexible inte- riors recall the character of the woods.

We are not proposing a star building for its complex shapes. We are proposing an emblematic building as far as it is attentive with the local, sensitive with the necessary, building less than needed. It is a building with zero maintenance costs. We get rid of the superfluous.
We shrink the temporarily not needed spaces and equipments at every moment. We adopt a strategy based on multifunctionality, superposition, ambivalence and connectivity diagrams.
The museum is made of opportunity areas. Each space is not entrusted to one only aim. They are generic spaces. We turn particular functions into abstract parameters: permeabili- ty, luminosity, density, resonance… This way they can embody programmes apparently quite different from each other. We have, with little, everything we can imagine.

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