house R . Marly

ACARCHITECTES Alexandre Clerc architectes . photos: © Yves Eigenmann

The family house is on a steeply sloping landscape in Marly. It turns to the edge of the forest, while the neighborhood on the back side is very heterogeneous. The building is deliberately build in the top of the land, only the entrance connects to the context of the neighborhood.
The project has two floors, both aligned to the forest. All rooms opening are either on the south or the west façade and oriented to the forest.

The daily space is on the upper floor with a terrace surrounded by the treetops. This space serves as a transition between dining and living area.
The stair to the lower floor is in the center of the building which allows to access to the bedrooms. Thanks to an overhead lighting, the light reaches also the corridor in the lower ground. One independent access allows to reach the garden.
The materiality of this building is in two shades, the whitish concrete and the wood. They double confirmed the cuts and the openings in the volume of the building.

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