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The design for the new quarter Hildegardstraße is understood as a response to the surrounding urban context to whom it reacts. Its prominent location where former fortifications where placed is determined by a very heterogeneous environment, which shows the transition between densely populated small-scale old city buildings and larger public constructions of the studio theater and the elementary school. The new quarter Hildegardstraße therefore requires not only a functional and volumetric implementation of the required spatial program, but most importantly a deliberate architectural response to the surrounding buildings.

The design for the new building reacts to a uniform appearance and a finely differentiated vertical separation to this difficult initial situation. The single façade for both buildings emphasizes on the one hand the autonomy of the district as a new focal point and on the other works as a unifying element for the surrounding heterogeneous constructions.
The plasticity of the facade is evident in the integrated materiality of bright limestone and ceiling-high glass panels allowing a game of light and shadow. It represents the detailed contemporary response to the high quality of the existing Mandarin Hotel facade. Along the Neuturmstraße and Hochbrückenstraße reacts a slight bend on the geometry of the adjacent city blocks, dividing the otherwise overly long lines of streets and highlights the main building entrances. A large cut-out in the front of the hotel expansion in the area of the bridge connection creates a visual reference / link between the new and the old buildings in the main foyer area.
The design for the new quarter Hildegardstraße claims its outstanding urban location in the city. It establishes a modern interpretation of classical concepts in this very particular place.

Munich, Alemania 2014-2015
Munich, Germany
WÖHR + BAUER Projekt HTW GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos GmbH
Project Architects
Patricia Grande, Johannes Hanf
Project team
Jean Benoît Houyet, Zsófia Mester, Pauline Froger, Claudia Fragoso, Clemens Vogel, Selina Feduchi, Fernando Nasarre, Kerstin Junker
Landscape Architect
Atelier Loidl Landschaftsarchitekten
Gonzalez Modellbau
Competition Date
February 2014

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