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+ architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

Last summer in the frame the presence of architecten de vylder vinck taillieu at the summer school at the Porto Academy a visit was brought to Quinta Da Conceiçao park in which Tavora interfered in many ways. Small interventions. Large interventions. A tennis court. A monumental entrance space. Some staircases. All kind. And so beautiful.
While approaching the monumental entrance space and although the tennis court we found people playing tennis at that entrance. We were told that this was not a particular moment but often the case.
Only this observation. The act of playing tennis. Soon it became more. A trilling thought. The act of tennis became a demand on the daily meaning of life towards the eternal meaning of architecture.
Is that by Tavora designed entrance now disturbed by the act of leisure? Do the tennis players know what they are doing? Are we without respect if we dare to say that a new kind of beauty can be found in this act of eventual misprize of a masterpiece of architecture?
Simple questions about life. Profound questions about architecture. No answer is expected. Only a moment of reflection. And maybe also just accepting the beauty of the daily.


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