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Experimental guest house and artist studio in Rhinebeck, New York.

The challenge of the Ex of In House is the preservation of its site: a natural landscape of 28 acres containing wild animal habitats, originally slated to be subdivided into five suburban house plots.
Rather than subdividing the site into five plots, the entire space is joined as one rural preserve, and rather than constructing a mansion of several thousand feet, the Ex of In House, a single 918ft2 compressed form intersected by three spherical voids, is placed on the centre of the site. By preserving the site, the project also forms a sculptural and architectural extension of the ‘T’ Space, an art gallery in Rhinebeck.
The house has a kitchen at its core and is realized as one large room on three levels. In keeping with the preservation of the site, the house will be heated and cooled geothermally, and powered with solar energy.

Architects: Steven Holl Architects
Design Architect: Steven Holl
Assistant Design Architect: Dimitra Tsachrelia
Project Architect: Marcus Carter
Project Team: Ruoyu Wei, Yuliya Savelyeva
Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
Geothermal Engineer: Matthias Schuler
Area: 918.0 ft2
Project Year: 2016

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