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The house has been abandoned for over 20 year. One day, the owner wants to return to the old place, built by passed away father, back to the memories that become the most beautiful part of her, and away from crowded city. However, it would be a big concern to revivify the house which has been en­dured sun and rain for that amount of time.

To ensure the spirit of the house is retained, the designer decides to wrap the old structure by a new transparent skin, creating a blurry space in between the new and old. This not only gives the users memories of the old space in the inside activities as well as outside looks but also protects the house from direct impact of the weather. Moreover, the new cover fits to the personal needs of the owner, especially in her habit of taking care of garden together with func­tions of new family, such as extended kitchen, dining room, and parking lots. The remaining features as living room, four bedrooms, and worship area... are placed in the old construction with little changes in term of space and form.
As the improvement project, beside the initial main idea from the beginning, the disposal of detail is quite sudden inspiration, depending on what has been seen during dissection of the old construction and also from the story of the owner.
The walls are painted with red orange - the original color of the building in the first time. Bare brick walls as a solution to overcome the inclination of the wall old, and also create space for the living room - public area.
During renovation, the old walls are perfectly shaved out the old mortar to replace the new cover. The designers decided to keep a corner in the state of unpainted plaster back to recall memories passed on house, the way of building green stone "Heirloom" is used to Initial small house of the couple, the more members continued to expand
space with brick walls, a few old wooden paneling was overwhelmed by func­tional changes room... recounted touched on only a bare wall.

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