Fischer Visini Architekten

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Fischer Visini Architekten . + Malcolm Reading

The building stands on a large platform of natural stone. Appearing to be an erratic boulder, the cube has an obvious orientation towards the historically grown city and will also give distinction to the South Harbour's waterfront site: An authentic urban space is thus created and will develop into the iconic Guggenheim Museum Helsinki.

The facade of the building is an oscillating shell, braided from bronze bars giving a fluid appearance. The facade plays with the idea of ocean waves and sticks closely to Finnish traditional design.
In the dark, Helsinki's new landmark will glow like a guiding light through the clear winter's night and will be reflected in the city's gateway from the sea.
A sculpture of rooms, stacked on top of each other, creates a light-flooded atrium, which penetrates the cube and serves as a reference point to all exhibition halls.
The open plan design allows maximum flexibility.

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