Christoph Zeller

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Christoph Zeller

Facing the waterfront with the city at its back, the Guggenheim Helsinki is part of the water and the city alike. The cluster of various volumes is a direct reflection of the program inside. Its stepped elevation creates a dynamic presence at the shore refering to the scale of the historical cityblock, whilst its unique cast-glass skin reflects the varied conditions of water.

The Guggenheim Helsinki integrates display, learning and social functions along one dynamic continuous path meandering through the building. A wide range of gallery spaces with distinct character, varying in proportion, lighting and atmosphere, offers various dynamic configurations.
The see-through materiality of the façade symbolises transparency of art within the city, by contrast the interior spaces are clad in timber creating a warm atmosphere of highest quality.
The environmental principles are based on using the minimum amount of energy possible, prefabrication for structure, natural daylight and renewable energy.

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