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Streetmonkey Architects . + photos: © Robin Hays . + dezeen

Built on a steeply sloping site, just outside of stockholm on the island suburb of värmdö, this 200m2 house is nestled into a hillside. We chose to lower the house into the hill in order to create privacy from the nearby neighbours and to get as close to the sea as possible.

The house is nearly invisible from the road. A grass covered ramp camouflages the house and leads up to a party deck with a sea view. The ramp also creates the entrance hall for the house and when you step through that entrance hall into the living area there is a long wall of floor to ceiling windows that feature the view of the sea. With this house we have shown ourselves that prefabricated modules can be customized to become whatever we want them to be.

Built 2014
Friendly Building
Modular Prefabrication
Cage Copher, Patrik Myberg, Thomas Björk, Fredrik Kjellström, Magnus Jönsson, Wojtek Banda, Dan Purra

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