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Private residence . Katoikia

source: courtesy of Harry Gugger Studio

Katoikia, a private residence, rests in the location of a former farmhouse, between a large cedar tree and a fig grove and hovers over the pristine valley. Its simple horizontal volume is designed to be perceived as an antipode to the terraced slope. It respects the existing landscape to the outmost and highlights the drama of it.

A compact layout guarantees that alterations of the site are kept minimal. The building stretches north south, thus exploring the sites western sea views at a maximum.
Living and dining area, kitchen, master bedroom/bathroom, 2 guest rooms/bathrooms are located on the main level of the building. Each room is given a shaded terrace for private use and its main windows are set back to be protected from sunlight by canopies.

A pool and covered hangout space are to be found under the cantilever, storage and technical areas are on the same level recessed in the retaining wall.

Internally the building provides generous open spaces and 180° views throughout the length of the building. Large portions of the main floor can be opened up by sliding doors to form one continuous space.
A room height of 3.00 m combined with the climatic buffer zones of the shaded terraces and the use of climate active materials will create a pleasant thermal environment throughout the house.

Katoikia is part of the AntiparosDesignProperties project by OLIAROS, in Antiparos island, Cyclades, Greece

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