Katz Chiao

Strategic Designs for Homeless Service Providers

full text: Katz Chiao

Positioning design as an effective tool for developing and improving preventative solutions to homelessness, Private/Public addresses the spatial needs of the homeless service providers who supply housing, health care, treatment programs, and drop-in centers to the city’s homeless and at-risk populations. Most homeless service centers in New York City are tucked away in marginal spaces, operating at odd hours in rooms often used by many other groups. These constraints require architectural innovation in terms of providing privacy and flexibility in the midst of a wide range of activities and programs.

The following pages form a catalog of design prototypes addressing these issues. The designs operate at a variety of architectural scales - interiors, furniture, signage, print materials - and in service of a range of constituencies, from city works and volunteer professionals to the homeless themselves. This catalog is intended as an open document, with the potential to expand over time through continued experimentation and dialogue.

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