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Auditorium . Elx

source: Mauro Turin Architectes

A theater is above all a place ol exchanges between the artists and the public. It traditionally this exchange was limited to the time and space of the representations, today the will is to create a friendlier place of exchanges, a lively, plural and dynamic place.
The building is conceived in the image of its ambitions: the space of the public pavement defines itself by producing an urban loggia which allows the passers-by to live and to feel the atmosphere of the theater without having to enter the building.
Then this public place penetrates into the building in the shape of a big hall connected to the loggia: a covered street which dissolves the limit between the life of the theater and the life of the city.

It is a big, generous and lively space which welcomes public practices and activities that put the theater in relation with the city: box office; bar-lounge-restaurant; bookshop; small room for colloquiums and intimate concerts; big dividable room for exhibitions, choirs, artistic expressions,etc.
It is the reference space of the building, that has a vocation of multi-functional activities: restorations, exhibitions, conferences, performances, happening. The theater and its functions activate the loggia, which is conceived as a public place that invites the passer-by to enter the building. And so the building renounces the autonomous project by proposing in return, a set of evident urban vocations.
" When we draw a theater, the scenography begins on the pavement because it is there that the evening begins." Jean Vilar, scenographer.

Theater - Auditorium of Elx Elche, Spain. 2010
Procedure: International competition
Client: City of Elche
Gross floor area: theater 11000m2 - parking 15000m2

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