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On Edge . Total Housing: Apartments competition

source: Tiago Barros

I could tell you how great the view from my apartment is, or how comfortable my new mattress is, or even how well stored and organized my stuff is, but I wouldn’t be telling you the real concept behind it.

On Edge project envisions to question the concept of boundary between the interior and the exterior of an apartment unit. A new element – a diving board/chaise-longue – is introduced and becomes the center piece of the space. This element comes as a continuation of the floor plate, extending beyond the limits of the building. It is carefully place in between the confined and the open spaces. The thin line that divides these two spaces becomes a new space - an edgy space – a new thickened boundary. The way it is setup allows the three spaces – open, edgy and confined - to be linked and to be experienced in a new radical way.

Imagine being on top of a diving board with no pool underneath or to be lying on a chaise-longue cantilevering out the building. How would you feel?

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