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A Room for London

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A Room For London competition was the occasion for me to develop a kind of plan I have had in mind for some time.

In may I was sketching many volumes with a central plan. I was trying to organize them with a main area in its center and then subordinate rooms all around. My focus was to have 4/5 views to see as much directions as it was interesting from the same room and the idea was about not having direct views but filtered by other, secondary spaces. Doing the first drawings I realized that I had more or less two options to then give a shape to the Room. It was going to be a cross or a square. The second option was quite interesting ’cause the 4 spaces that were going to result in the corners were perfect to be functional spaces (bathrooms and stairs). The stairs started being necessary in the moment I wanted to have the main space 150 cm up from the ground, in order to neutralize the problems given by a low horizon. This way I was also gaining one more dimension, the vertical, that was going to give me also vertical and diagonal views and I was more free to choose those I wanted (or needed). As you can see the big low window looks to the river and the other openings are in search of special places in London like the Big Ben and the London Wheel.

Once the space was defined I started working on materials and particularly in the sensations that those were able to give in the room. The “bedroom” was an indefinite white and the peripheric spaces completely covered by thin wood elements. White for its neutrality and its capacity to receive the protections of the light coming from all directions and distorted by the texture of the wood surfaces all around.

The outside was another challenge. London is very delicate city to deal with. Is maybe a perfect city and we are all nervous when we have the beauty in front of us. So I decided to play with its vanity. London to be reflected by a layer of supposed reflecting skin of aluminum, like a beautiful woman on a mirror.

Antonio Conroy

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