“Club Bosco” Holiday Apartments .  Statiunile Neptun

source: courtesy of SYAA

Holiday apartments have been for a long time a rarity in the Romanian architectural space, which has been divided in this sector between big hotels and small individual villas. In the context of scarce accommodation and increasingly financially and socially powerful categories able to own their private space on the Black Sea shore, a new type of architecture is emerging, aiming to break down the barriers of Romanian urban living (characterized by visual, phonic and thermo isolation, economical efficiency seen as high density, and a lack of respect for natural vegetation).

This is the case of “Club Bosco” which, through simple means, creates a fluid and pleasant exterior-interior space designed exclusively for the clients’ comfort. The building morphology consists of three wings articulated through a communication system treated as a self-contained element that defines a porous layer in which the pool is accommodated by a loggia. This fragmentation introduces a visual dialog between the street and the courtyard. The project has preserved and enhanced the presence of the trees from the original plot.
Thus, the building replaces the aggressive statements and rather ghastly architectural expression of the new developments in the area by discretion and, at the same time, a re-interpretation of the interwar and the 60’s “maritime modernism”.
This project has been awarded the 1st prize at the 2008 Bucharest Architecture Annual.

Architects: SYAA
Collaborators: arch. Stefan Simion & arch. Tudor Antemir
Client: Imobiliara SRL
Location: The seaside resorts of Neptun & Olimp, Romania
Plot area= 1250 m2
Built area= 2680 m2

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