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WOODPILE . Warming Huts competition

source: Warming Huts

Our architectural doing goes side-by-side with projects involving photography, dance, video art and installations. In both our design process and artistic creations we see platforms for expressing our political, cultural, social and ecological beliefs. Besides working as architects in architecture firms which specialize in cultural and public projects, we also work together on private houses, interior design and installations. Recently, we presented a project at the Bat Yam International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, which dealt with the concept of construction site fences, requisitioning the fences in terms of private vs. public, transparency and temporality.
Starting a fire is the most elementary act of warming. WOODPILE hut serves as a place for that act, while transforming it into its construction material: the hut’s walls are constructed as a spatial metal frame which contains firewood. Using the firewood through time constantly changes the hut’s appearance.
As winter begins and firewood is stacked, the woodpile’s level is at its maximum. This closes the hut from its surroundings and isolates its inner space from the winter cold. Looking through the cracks between the wood, one can see the campfire inside.
As spring approaches, the woodpile’s level is lower and the hut’s interior space is gradually revealed and exposed to the outside. At summertime the hut’s naked construction could also serve as a shaded pavilion along the river.

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