new Kindergarden and Nursery School . San Vito di Cadore

source: courtesy of ATENASTUDIO

The project for the San Vito di Cadore school complex, entered in an International competition in conjunction with Alessandro Sacchet and Krej engineering, is based on visual and emotional relations with the mountain peaks of the Dolomites and spatial and physical relations between children and the setting.
The three planned purposes for the complex (i.e. a nursery school, primary school and multipurpose town council hall) were treated as three separate and divided functions, which may however be connected together.


The building plan, which covers 979 m2 of a plot  of land of 2790 m2, is designed in a "C"-shape, opening up towards the east to embrace the mountains.
The built part of the project was  developed around an archetype, the simple image of the kind of house  elevation all children have in mind, i.e. a pentagon formed out horizontal base, two vertical walls and the two sloping pitches of the  roof. This form was then stretched out and elongated along the  most sloping section and then repeated several times in different sizes according to the various functions contained.
Children will find their own homely environment inside each little individual ''house '' scaled to their size and connected  to their roots.
Each structure is enveloped  in wooden cladding, a protected shell holding the spaces and functions and, at the same time, defining the overall image of the project.

ATENASTUDIO: Rossana Atena, Marco Sardella

Location: San Vito di Cadore, Italy

ATENASTUDIO: Nicoletta de Felice, Mario Gaudio, Francesca Gregori, Paride Piccinini, Gezim Bono
Krej engineering s.r.l: Roberto Rella, Mario Miorelli, Giovanni Rosà, Sisto Avi, Paolo Avi, Denis Cipriani, Gianluca Testoni, Mara Cembran

Project Area: 2790 sqm

Built Area : 979 sqm

Project Year: 2010

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