Nug architects

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Nug architects

The proposal suggests the creation of a new center of interaction between modern and contemporary art and society in a totally contemporary way; as a covered patio sculptures, or as an organization of a large supermarket, with the capacity of a football stadium.

The new Guggenheim will not be an exhibition center, it will be an Art center, where artistic productions are arranged in multiple formats. The museum is therefore presented as a giant table (covered) where to dispose (arrange) thousands of pieces. A large covered market where the art is found in exhibition formats, in concerts, in meetings, in parties, in sports events...
A new conception based on the stacked structure at Pompidou Centre in Paris 40 years ago to arrive to a chained structure of the different horizontal platforms. This allows to link the different platforms and to achieve a unique area of about 10,000 square meters for a single act or exhibition.


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