ryue nishizawa

ochoquebradas house . los vilos

ryue nishizawa . ochoalcubo

The third stage of Ochoalcubo, led by Japanese architects will develop along 800 meters of coastline, occupying the cliffs, bays and rock formations of a place known as Ochoquebradas. The architects received instructions to follow guidelines that include the directive to use concrete as a primary material (over a surface area of 250 m2 per each house). The dialogue between the individual projects is most important, considering the harmony of the whole and the relationship Ochoquebradas geographic attributes.

The location for this living experiment is at a site overlooking the Pacific Ocean, four kilometres south of Los Vilos, Región de Coquimbo, Chile. Occurring parallel to this Japanese/Chilean laboratory of architecture, a second development–whose mission will provide even more opportunities for architects–is also underway. A total of 800 hectares located behind the “laboratory” will be the site of a sustainably-designed city comprised of both individual and grouped residences and will be designed by young international and Chilean architects. For these houses, wood will be the primary material.

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