Little Red Riding Bag

The Adventures of the

ETB Studio . Music School of Bressanone . Bozen

Skalgubbar . + The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Bag

A virtual girl travelling through the buildings of worldwide well-known architects.

BIG . Kimball Art Center v.2 . Utah

OMA . Convention Center . Miami

MVRDV . Serl & Molot Factory Urban Development . Moscow

Amann Canovas Maruri Arquitectos . International Housing Competition . Munich

Selgascano . Municipal Building . Stockholm

ADEPT . Bahnhofstrasse . Flensburg

jaja architects . Guggenheim . Helsinki

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter . Maritime Visitor . Vitenvågen

Robert Janson Arkitektur . Øya Pavillion . Oslo

The launch of the blog "The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Bag" aims to gather all the moments the famous Skalgubbar girl has been seen throughout renders and visualisations.
Please keep an eye for her and send a message with a link of the image you have spotted her or send the image you have used her in to The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Bag. Your contrubution is highely anticipated!

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