Zac du Moulon Student Residence . Gif-sur-Yvette


LAN, in association with Clément Vergely, recently won the competition for building a student residence of approximately 1,000 units facing the École Centrale on the Plateau de Saclay and has submitted the project for building permit.

To benefit from the full extent of the site the concept is based on a simple idea: to densify the periphery and to create a genuine park in the center. The project has the ambition to create a singular reality, through spatially translating the components of a city district (housing, public facilities, services, shops, etc.) and those for a university campus (student housing, educational and sports facilities).
The first intervention of designing the park consists of de-densification of the area to make room for nature, the second - to create architectural organization. The residences are designed with regard to the two biotypes from the art of the gardens: the pavilion and the carrousel. Without orientation, nor prioritization, five cylinders, perfectly extruded from the circle, form the volumes and become ultimately part of the landscape composition, following the example from the gardens of pleasure in the early 18th century.
Favoring the endorsement and the sensation, these series of pavilions serve both to indicate the path of the pedestrians and define and frame spaces within the broader landscape composition and take inspiration from the nine muses from the Greek mythology.
The materiality and the treatment of the façades of each pavilion go beyond the purely functional building envelope and create narratives, recalling, in a tangible way, a forgotten story.

They become a physical medium able to examine and build connections between space and time. The aim of this artistic intervention is to anticipate an imaginary perspective, resonating with the history of knowledge. Their juxtaposition is linked to the chronology and expands the perception of the viewer.
The heterogeneity of the project consists of meeting the needs of the different users by optimizing the social and collective flow. The open, public and private spaces play a particular role; they become places of sharing, of cohabitation. They take part of the city life and encourage the social, professional, cultural or physical interaction during different times of the day and year.
The educational buildings and the residential complexes are distinguished and separated, leaving space for a new urban hybrid - a passageway from a fence to the street, from the private to the collective space, opening up a vast field of research.
Our concept implies control of the degree of intimacy and creates a network which translates itself on a larger scale into the urban system; a scenario in which the neighbourghood connects to the public spaces set up in the city. Thus, we create a large-scale habitat, placing the home and therefore the human in the heart of the project.

Project: Student Residence Zac du Moulon
Program: 1000 student housing units
Location: Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Phase: In Progress
Cost: 40 Mio
Surface: 25 300m²
Team: LAN (commissioned architect), Clément Vergély Architectes, TOPOTEK 1
Renderings, drawings and description: LAN Architecture

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