Sean Scully

church of Santa Cecilia permanent installation . 2015

Santa Cecilia . photos: © Museum of Montserrat

For the first time in his long artistic career, Sean Scully has painted three frescoes in the church of Santa Cecilia, most faithfully following this ancient technique.

© Joan Sánchez

Scully's intervention in this church has been increasing over time. In 2012 he painted Cecilia... Scully makes another approach to the same subject with Landline Cecilia, 2015...The triptych Doric Nyx (2013) is distinguished by austerity and the tragic sense of chromaticism. There’s still another smaller triptych, 2014, a harmonic blue melody. In all cases the technique used is oil on aluminum or on copper, and some of the pieces are really impressive, large. The last painting that the artist has joined the set is an oil on canvas untitled Barcelona Wall of Light Pink (2013).
The artistic contribution of Sean Scully in Santa Cecilia is also complemented with eight windows of colors (red, ocher and blue) which close the eight loopholes of the church and get iridescent that paintings can’t get when they are traversed by light.
Museum of Montserrat

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